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Vinyasun - Profile & Reviews

Vinyasun - (pronounced vin-nyaah-sun). Founded on a few simple principles: Everything is energy. Everyone has the right to generate their own clean energy on their rooftop or property. Make going solar a positive experience. Locally owned and operated in West Palm Beach. Serving South Florida. Fully licensed and insured.

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  • "Do Not Use This Installer"

    Reviewed Feb 01, 2022

    We signed a contract with Vinyasun in April 2021. It is now February 1, 2022 and we still are not installed. We had a visit from the permit department that warning us that we would be in violation since we were well past our time for inspection. Vinyasun is unresponsive and has no pull with Sun Power. We are in limbo with no resolution in sight. Sun Power is not helping us either. Find another installer if you want solar.

  • "This Company Is A Fraud!!"

    Reviewed Nov 21, 2021

    This company is a fraud. Justin Hoysradt must ask or pay people to give him good reviews.

    I signed a contract with Vinyasun on September 30, 2020 and I still don't have my solar or Tesla batteries -- I received nothing, the roof and house is untouched! From what it looks like to me, the company only has one employee, Justin Hoysradt (the owner). I've called and emailed this company many times and have not received any response in months, while he has my money. This company has over $41,000 of my money and won't refund me (I've asked Vinyasun in writing and verbally to Justin Hoysradt). The contract expired September 30, 2021, it's been over a year.

    Now I'm going to hire a lawyer, what a waste of time.

  • "Great Solar company - high quality"

    Reviewed Oct 15, 2021

    We were fortunate enough to have been referred to Justin and Vinyasun to set up our solar system by a good friend. I am a trained materials engineer, and had interviewed about a dozen solar companies, many of which simply did not impress me with their knowledge of their products (or their products), or of the real-world power usages of their customers.

    Vinyasun (Justin the owner) was the first person that actually knew what he was talking about in regards to how to optimize the # of panels we would need to offset our actual usage in a meaningful way. They did not try to sell us on ‘upgrading’ our hot water heater to the hybrid water heaters that many other companies tout (..they break more frequently), but really focused on designing the best solar-system possible based on our needs. Being in South Florida, our main interest was being able to hopefully be able to live ‘off grid’ in case of a hurricane, and luckily we were one of the few people to receive Tesla Powerwalls before their manufacturing shortages/delays in 2020/2021. Justin spent many many hours going through all of the calculations and teaching us how to figure out what our current electrical consumption is, and how many panels and batteries we would need to be self-sufficient in case of a hurricane. The key thing he taught us that no-one else did, which is really simple actually, is to consider your power consumption needs during August/Sept when hurricanes are most likely to occur.

    Since installing the system last February, our electric bills are now at FPLs minimum, ~$10/month, down from the $250-$350/month bills. We also went off-grid for about a week as a test in February and were completely fine.

    The system we designed uses top of the line SunPower solar cells, which only a few authorized dealers carry. If you watch the video on how these are made, the solid copper backing is just so superior to printed metal paste, in terms of strength and durability.. for our extreme weather down here they really are the best. We had a complicated roof installation, and Vinyasun worked with our roofer to ultimately get us the best installation possible despite some communication hiccups (our roof contractor left the company the day after we signed our contract.. ugh.. which caused some unnecessary headaches and delays).

    Some added benefits we found since installing the system are:

    We installed an array on our flat roof, which adds further insulation and shade to it, and really cools off our patio greatly (in addition to the insulated roof and fans we installed). Now we enjoy our patio in the summer (fans really help with the mosquitos too)

    We have had a few ‘brown outs’ in the neighborhood, and since I work from home, these minor inconveniences no longer effect us, as the Tesla Powerwalls switch the electricity on so quickly my computers and wifi don’t notice at all.

    My in-laws live next door, so we’ve even joked about running an extension cord to their house in case a hurricane comes (We all lived through Hurricane Andrew back in ’92, and were without power for 3 months then.. so, we’d rather not re-live that experience again.. although.. if a Cat5 comes through here I’ll be impressed if the roof/solar panels are still there ! )

    Since we’re talking about potential scenarios, another thing we’ve half-joked about is that if there is a big power outage in the summer, and we are one of the few houses in the neighborhood with power, that my kids could set up a lemonade stand and cell-phone charging booth on our front lawn :). Hopefully we won’t have to do that.. but.. it’s still a fun idea.

    Vinyasun is a small business, and sometimes can be tough to get ahold of— however, what might not be clear to the new customer is that Justin lives off of his electronic calendar, and you can book appointments with him at which I found more useful than leaving phone messages.

    Overall, we are extremely impressed with the system that Vinyasun designed, and hopefully, it will last for 30+ years.. I think it will.

    -Peter G. (Broward, FL)

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- We offer competitive pricing on the most efficient, durable and safe systems available in the market.
- Industry leading 25-year complete system warranty.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Vinyasun Headquarters

1560 Latham Rd Unit 7
West Palm Beach, FL
33409 United States

Workmanship Warranty

Our customers experience the best in workmanship coverage. A full warranty which covers annual operations and maintenance so you do not have to worry about broken or failed equipment from normal wear and tear while under the longest manufacturers warranty in the industry.


Florida Solar Energy Industries Association Platinum Contractor
California Solar and Storage Association


SunPower Elite Dealer. Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. LG Pro Silver. Fully licensed and insured Solar Installer.


Business Incorporation: 47-1192134
Solar License: CVC 56967
n/a: n/a


All of our installers receive the highest rated industry training and are covered for Workers Compensation and our General Liability to protect you and them in the unfortunate event of a work-related accident.

States served by Vinyasun

  • Arkansas AR ,
  • California CA ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • North Carolina NC