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Project Solar - Profile & Reviews

At Project Solar, we aim to make solar so incredibly easy and affordable that it becomes the financially prudent energy option for all homeowners.

By cutting out the door-knocking salespeople and leveraging the power of internet marketing e-commerce, we've created a more efficient solution that drastically reduces cost while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

With modern lidar technology and satellite imagery, we are able to build out a system design for your home from our remote locations. Coupled with economies of scale on standardized equipment, we're able to offer the lowest priced solar in the nation—without compromise on quality.

As we grow, we continue to onboard qualified partners so that we can offer full-service install at fair and flat rates.

Join us as we work to expand solar and green initiatives nationwide.

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  • "Prepare for a Loooong Wait"

    Reviewed Feb 26, 2022

    I started the process of getting solar panels last July 1st. The panels were installed at the end of November. It is now February 25 and I am still waiting for PG&E approval. All the info that Project Solar requested of me (and they asked for a lot of info, often the same info more than once) I provided within a day. Initially they told me that it typically takes up to 3 months start to finish. I hope that I am an exception and that other jobs go faster. Just a heads up.

  • "Incompetent and Awful Experience"

    Reviewed Feb 01, 2022

    Firstly, in mind, solar installation should be a straight forward process, and it is a commodity business in my opinion. I refused to pay $30k just to get $10k worth of panels installed, so Project Solar looked like a good option. The experience, apart from the price and initial installation process, has been god-awful from start to finish. Incompetent doesn't even come close to describing it:
    1. Initial plans to city not submitted on time and later found out to be incorrect (battery components not included).
    2. Installation not scheduled as contracted (should have been within 21 days ended up being 58 days).
    3. Installation not completed properly (panel derate done separately 2 weeks after install).
    4. Errors in the initial PTO submission. Re-submission of the PTO not done on a timely basis (about 3 weeks later from when it should have been).
    5. New permit not submitted to city, despite chasing multiple times for an update.
    6. Tried to get me to sign a new contract without agreeing to guarantee the same pricing.
    7. Staff churn unbelievable. Multiple project managers.
    8. Lack of transparency about the entire process.

    I would strongly advise if you are considering Project Solar, to look elsewhere. There are several other providers that provide slightly more expensive installation costs, but maybe they are worth it. I signed the purchase and installation agreement over 4 months ago, and we are still not finished. That's how crap they are.

    Trevor Hiltbrand
    Response from Project Solar
    Responded Feb 03, 2022
    Response from Project Solar
    Responded Feb 03, 2022

    So sorry to hear this. We work really hard to provide a great service at the lowest price possible. We are a startup growing extremely fast with hiring and training being our number 1 struggle. We are working as hard as possible to keep up with demand (we had 200 people checkout our second month in business). As this is anonymous, I'm not able to look into your account to see what exactly went wrong, but here are a couple of things I can address -

    Solar is not a straight forward process. Every home is different, every city has different requirements, different engineers within each city have different requirements, each utility company has different requirements. Everyones electrical system is different (age of equipment, type of equipment, electrical loads, etc). Solar is a construction project. It is not turn key. Some homes are easier than others, some are nightmare projects that require 10x the human hours.

    Equipment is a commodity business, which is why we believe our pricing is where the industry should be at. We have a fair and reasonable markup that covers the 25 human hours per job. We are the lowest price solar in America.

    Again, because we are new, we have growing teams and changing processes so that we can improve. We've gone from 2 founders and 0 employees to 65 employees in less then 12 months. This means that we've built teams from scratch, promoted people, moved people, etc. I get that having new points of contact can be annoying, but this is the cost of improving our processes going forward. We've only had 4 people of the 69 people hired leave our company, the rest have either moved departments or were promoted into management.

    Calling us "crap" and "incompetent" hurts. Our team does our best to get things done as fast as possible. Having 100% perfect success rate with permit and NEM/PTO approval is not reasonable and no company that works across multiple jurisdictions has this. Resubmissions is part of the process. 4 months is twice as long as our average, so this is unfortunate, but I can say with a certainty that we never deprioritized you or didn't do our best to move your project along.

    There are over 100 steps in each solar build, including the easiest builds. We have onboarding team, design team, engineering/CAD team, permitting team, net metering team, project manager team, procurement team, and activation team just to get a job done. There is so much more to it than most understand, and a big goal of ours is to help educate people before hand so they can have proper expectations.

    We also have probably the most generous billing policies of any solar company. You can cancel at anytime before the day of install with little to no penalty. We don't hold you hostage by contract and we don't require anything but a $100 deposit all the way until we order the equipment. We strive to live up to our agreements and commitments, frequently eating costs and installing jobs at a negative. If we say we will do something, we do it. The one thing that we cannot always control is time.

    Lastly, we pride ourselves on transparency. Transparency in process, transparency in pricing, transparency in adder fees, transparency in equipment we use. I would love feedback on how we can be better with transparency, not to argue, but genuinely so that we can improve.

  • "Horrible Experiance"

    Reviewed Dec 31, 2021

    I had a project going with these guys that was handed off to five different project managers it took almost four months before I finally pulled the plug on it. For no other reason other than they were all temporary employees and either left the company or could not get the design done in under a month. Lastly they handed me off to Allie, a person who told me she was specifically hired to handle these types of problems since they were in such abundance. After many apologies and promises to get this back on track and for her to personally handle my project, nothing happened again. Here we are four months later and I've now had to file a claim with the BBB, the Utah State Attorney General office, and the FTC. All to get my hundred dollars back from something that I never received. Stay away from this company at all cost and read into their reviews and make Common Sense choices. Absolutely do not recommend this company.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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At half the cost of the national average, Project Solar is officially the lowest priced solar in America. Same equipment, same warranty, LOWEST PRICE. We've built a completely commission-free sales model that has eliminated the salesmen, passing those massive savings on to the customer.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Project Solar Headquarters

2000 W Ashton Blvd, STE 500
Lehi, UT
84043 United States

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10 year workmanship, 25 year equipment




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