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Unicity Solar Energy - Profile & Reviews

Since 2009, the founders of Unicity Solar have performed thousands of successful solar PV installations. As a Certified Master Electrician backed with in-house processes and installations, you can rest assured knowing your project will be performed swiftly and up to the quality you expect and deserve.

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  • "Horrible Customer Service"

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2022

    Absolutely TRASH customer service and barely any response after they install the system. All you get is an operator promise someone will call you back and they never do (not a single time). I have had Unicity solar for just about a year. Go solar with Unicity is probably one of my worst choices. A few months after panels were installed, my roof started leaking. After a few calls, they finally send someone out to check, and all they did was put some sealant on the leaking area. A week later, the same spot started leaking again. Called them again and not surprising, took them even longer to respond and come out. Before they even fix the old leak, the new spot started leaking badly. Again, after infinite attempts, they finally came out and put more sealant in both leaking areas. I asked them to fix my damaged ceiling and the leak permanently. Don't just put a bandage on a wound. 2 months later (called god knows how many times i called), they have a roofer came out to check and the guy told me the leaking is under the panel and put sealant is just a temporary fix. Sooner or later, it will leak again. Now over six months in the process, I finally have an appointment to have their guy and roofers out for my roof on Monday. But doing what they do communication. The roofer did not show up and they have one solar guy to remove 8 huge panels and bring them down from a 2 stories house. Poor Mike. Not sure how he did it. Hopefully no damage to the panels. Anyway, the roofers were here Tuesday for the repair, and unicity was supposed to put the panel back up on the same day. Well, it is Friday as of this review and 8 huge panels are still sitting in my garage. I called them yesterday, they said they have no one available to put them back until next Wednesday. So isn't this project schedule or just schedule to take down the panel and not put it back!?!?!? SO FRUSTRATED WITH THIS COMPANY FROM THE DAY SYSTEM WAS INSTALLED. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • "Make sure you know exactly what you are getting, especially regarding the electrical connection."

    "Make sure you know exactly what you are getting, especially regarding the electrical connection."

    Reviewed Oct 31, 2021

    Hello, overall my experience with Unicity has been good. The salesman was great (moved on to a new company now) and they are overall mostly responsive. The installers were really bad. Installed at night because they were overly busy with multiple installs elsewhere. They messed up a few things but Unicity did come out and resolve it. My understanding is that they did let those installers go because of issues. I just happened to have the timing of when they were with the company. I would have given them 4 or 5 stars.

    The only negative issue is related to "make sure you know exactly what you are getting." I was told that I would be able to monitor all of my electrical consumption as well as electrical generation from the panels. My consumption to generation amounts was not matching my electrical bill. After about month of squabbling with the power company they told me it was the panels and not the company. I contacted Unicity and after several attempts they finally figured it out. The original install did not include enough sensors to monitor all of my consumption. The reason stated was that my existing electrical box did not have enough space for all the sensors. I have asked repeatedly for them to resolve. They said it would require a new electrical box. I have asked how much would that cost if I have to pay for it and why wasn't this discussed earlier in the process. Still no detailed feedback on any pathways forward to resolve this. I have been thinking about adding batteries but doing so with no ability to monitor usage accurately is kind of crazy to me. So, be sure you know exactly what you are getting. It is really disappointing to know that for the life of these panels, I will never really know for sure how much power I am using compared to generating accurately. If I ever resolve this, I will post again. Disappointed.

  • "Good install for panels"

    Reviewed Jul 01, 2021
    Updated Oct 05, 2021

    Good install for Panels.

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With over 30 years of direct PV experience, Unicity Solar installs high quality solar electric systems with industry leading 25-year warranties on the system components as well as the workmanship and materials. We offer a 25-year production guarantee along with a roof penetration guarantee which guarantees a leak-free roof for 25 years.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Unicity Solar Energy Headquarters

612 Florida Ave
Palm Harbor, FL
34683 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 years: Our workmanship warranty covers all aspects of the installation including our "Leak-Free Roof Penetration Guarantee" and "No-Cost Warranty Service" for any system components that may need repaired or replaced during their warranty period. We also include an annual "Production Guarantee" which provides ultimate peace-of-mind that your system will perform as advertised or we pay you the difference! All of this is combined with high quality system components sourced from manufacturers with industry leading processes and components.


Panasonic Premium Installer
Enphase Premium Installer


Business Incorporation: L18000240513
State Certified Electrician: EC13008698
State Certified Building Contractor: CBC1263094


General Liability and Workers Comp

States served by Unicity Solar Energy

  • Florida FL ,
  • South Carolina SC